Classroom Visits

I am a former art teacher with experience teaching all ages from pre-school to adult. From the
initial manuscript, rewrites, dummies, to final art, and published book, I show the students how
a book is created.

The youngest students (K–2nd) choose a subject and become the authors while I am the illustrator. Together we begin an alphabet book. Any subject they come up with, from animals to space travel, provides an interactive theme for our book. While the class picks the words alphabetically, I draw their suggestions on a white board or an easel, whatever your classroom has to offer. This allows the students to see how easily a book can be begun with a theme and only 26 words. This presentation takes about 45 minutes with a short time for questions.

With older students (3rd–6th) we retell a well-know fairy tale. We talk about Plot, Character, and Setting, the three elements of a story. Then, with their suggestions, I do the illustrations while they take turns making up the story. Some silly stories have been told—The Three Giant Figs, Little Red Martian—while the students keep the basic story elements in mind. This presentation takes about
45 minutes to an hour with a question and answer period.

School Assemblies

Using PowerPoint I can show the entire process of creating a book to a large school group. I have written a book about number concepts and show the step-by-step process in full color slides. Little Duck wants to have a party and in his quest for the right number of guests, I show how the idea for this book developed from initial bad ideas to a successful final presentation of sample art and book dummy. This presentation takes about 45 minutes with time for a question and answer session. 

All author’s visits are special. I enjoy interacting with the students and this guides my presentation.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

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